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At CaviarNine we have big aspirations that's why we have several tokens!
Our FLOOP and CAVIAR tokens are associated with our different DeFi products and serve as utility and DAO tokens for them as follows.
The FLOOP token:
  • Aggregator
  • LSU Pools
  • Limit Orders
  • Shape Liquidity
  • Index Pools
The CAVIAR token:
  • Perpeptual XRD
  • Future derivative and structure products we may build.

The CaviarNine Bridge:

FLOOP and CAVIAR were minted prior to the Babylon upgrade and the start of dApps on Radix. Holders of such legacy tokens are able to bridge them 1:1 to the Babylon versions that power our products.
The FLOOP and CAVIAR (one-way) bridges are hosted at The new Babylon FLOOP and CAVIAR tokens have two key differences:
  • They are burnable (by anyone)
  • We can update the metadata like name and description (if needed)
As per usual their supply remains unchanged and the are NOT mintable. The bridge mints the entire supply on initialisation and allows old for new forever.
One-way bridge for CAVIAR and FLOOP to the new burnable Babylon versions

Do I have to bridge CAVIAR or FLOOP?

Nope! You certainly don't have to at all. In fact some people might want to keep the legacy tokens as collector items though they will not have any future utility like their Babylon equivalents.