LSU Pool Fees

LSU Pool Fee Structure

Here we collate the fee information from the earlier sections.


Adding Liquidity


No fee for adding liquidity


0.05% credited to the LSU Pool 0.01% for FLOOP Treasury 0.01% for reserve fee

Removing Liquidity (for original LSU)


No fee to remove original LSU (if possessing credit receipt)

Removing Liquidity (for different LSU)


Same fee as per swapping above for any amount in a different LSU or if not in possession of credit receipt

Removing Liquidity (different wallet or no credit receipt)


If you possess LSULP without a credit receipt eg: - from buying LSULP directly on the market - from moving LSULP to a different wallet to credit receipt

0.20% + slippage

This is effectively a Shape Liquidity product.

You are adding the LSU to the LSU Pool to get LSULP. Then you are selling LSULP directly in the LSULP/XRD concentrated pool which has fees and potential slippage.

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