A brief overview of CaviarNine

CaviarNine is a forward-thinking fintech company focused on providing web3 users with advanced and user-friendly DeFi trading products built on the Radix platform. The company leverages its team's extensive experience in traditional finance to create modern, professional, and secure crypto products that comply with regulatory requirements. By utilising the unique features of the Radix ecosystem, CaviarNine aims to revolutionise the DeFi space and empower users with cutting-edge financial solutions.

The company's diverse team is spread across Thailand, Singapore, Canada and Australia, with its headquarters in Bangkok. Co-founders Oliver Scott-Simons and Chris Colman bring their vast experience in FX derivatives trading at top-tier investment banks to the table. With a strong commitment to innovation and a clear vision for the future, CaviarNine is set to become a major player in the world of decentralised finance.

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