Focus your capital within a particular price range and shape!

What is Shape Liquidity?

The Shape Liquidity smart contract is an Automatic Market Marker (AMM) much like Uniswap, SushiSwap and PancakeSwap but a lot more powerful. Like traditional AMM's, Shape Liquidity creates a pool of two tokens where users can:

  • Add (and remove) token liquidity in both or one, earning fees when the tokens are used

  • Swap between the tokens at a price determined algorithmically

Pools list overview

In the pool list on CaviarNine you will find all the Shape Liquidity pair pools. Here you can select a pool to add liquidity to or even create a pool if you can't find the pair you want. See below and you can see the following information in each pool:

  • The Pool tokens - The two fungible tokens that are used in this pool

  • Bin Size - This number represents how wide the bins are in this pool. Each unit of bin is worth 0.10% so 2 means that the bins are 0.20% wide and 10 means they are 1.00% wide. Find out more about bins in the next section

  • Total Value Locked - The total amount of tokens in the pool valued in your currency of choice

  • Volume 24h - Total amount traded in 24 hours in this pool in your currency

  • APY - The annualised yield calculated using the past 24 hours volume and the current pool fees. Please note this is a historic number and does not reflect the future APY

  • Your Liquidity - If you have added liquidity in this pool, you will see the total valuation of all your liquidity receipts (from this pool) here


The power in Shape Liquidity comes from the ability to concentrate your tokens!

  • Concentrate your token(s) liquidity in your price range - Earn more with your tokens

  • Tailor your concentration shape to suit your needs

  • Small or big bins allows you to define the price granularity

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