A quick tour of the order book

The Order Book view can be easily accessed via the menu (Trade > Limit) or by clicking the word 'Limit' on the Swap tab.

The bottom right panel shows the active order book and recent trades for the pair of tokens selected in the panel.

Order Book

Lists the active orders in the selected pair.

The last traded price is shown in the middle in white, surrounded by offers (above in red) and bids (below in green).

The user's active orders have a solid circle against them.

Recent Trades

Recent trades are listed chronologically.

Amounts are annotated in green (for buys) or red (for sells).

Note : Users have the ability to define order books in A / B or B / A convention. The default order book shown will be the most active one. Orders left in either convention will be automatically picked up by the aggregator.

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