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Always the best trade on Radix
The Aggregator is at the heart of our trading platform, effortlessly finding the best price across all liquidity sources on Radix.
It may look like a simple token swapper but it is far more than that!

What is an Aggregator?

As DeFi ecosystems evolve, so there are more and more trading platforms and sources of liquidity (trades). We say that liquidity becomes fragmented.
The CaviarNine aggregator is a deceptively simple front end that looks like a basic token swapper, but which is actually searching all known DeFi smart contracts for liquidity. The net result is that any trade you do may be routed to multiple DEXs simultaneously in different tranches, returning the best overall execution and least slippage.

Which DEXs does it connect to?

Actually the Aggregator connects to more than just DEXs. It also connects to token bridges, validators and more.
The design of the CaviarNine aggregator is such that it automatically discovers and analyses new smart contract components as they are instantiated on the Radix ledger. This means it is always discovering new pockets of liquidity. Case in point : CaviarNine users could swap their tokens on Radix Planet even before it had a front end!
CaviarNine liquidity sources are not chosen preferentially ; they have to compete on execution with external liquidity. The only difference is that there is zero routing fee for CaviarNine liquidity.

How to use it?

It's designed to be seamless and intuitive. Literally select the desired tokens to convert between from the pulldown, enter your amount to swap and watch it calculate the expected return tokens.
Use the Adjustment widget to set the maximum amount of slippage.
Note: Ensure the minimum token return by setting the maximum slippage. Slippage might arise from factors such as a large trade occurring on a DEX between your price quote and when your trade is submitted.


Note there are many tokens on the network including attempted scam tokens with identical names to popular tokens.
Anywhere there is a token icon on site, you can click on it to reveal the token metadata and resource address for authenticity. For extra safety, you can directly type in the token resource address in the search bar.
You can choose to highlight your favourite tokens so they appear at the top of the list.
Official CaviarNine tokens have a gold checkmark against them.
Click a token icon anywhere to reveal metadata


The aggregator charges a 0.09% fee on all external routing (ie trades sent outside the CaviarNine liquidity system). Trades routed to CaviarNine liquidity pools attract no aggregator fee.
This fee is in addition to any fees charged by the underlying DEX / dApp that is routed to (the aggregator factors this fee in when deciding the best route).
Any aggregator fee is sent directly to the FLOOP Treasury.

Routing algorithm

Well, that would be revealing the secret sauce!
In it's current form, the aggregator considers all direct routes (Token A > Token B) and also intermediate routes via XRD (Token A > XRD > Token B). A future version will consider all intermediate routes (Token A > Token C > Token A) as and when liquidity dictates.
It also uses a novel algorithm to identify and manage all liquidity smart contracts on the Radix ledger.