Order Management

Track, Claim and Cancel Orders

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The 'My Orders' section allows for various actions to be performed.

Order Progress

In the below example, you can see:

  • 2 unfilled orders in XUSDC > XRD and XRD > XUSDC

  • A partially filled order in XRD > XUSDC : 5,021 out of 10,000 XRD has been filled

Claim Order

If we hover over the partially filled order, you will see a 'Claim' button appear.

Clicking this button will:

  • Claim the 213.4 XUSDC earned from selling 5,021 XRD

  • Cancel the remaining unfilled portion

Subsequently, the active order will disappear from the order book.

You can also click the 'Claim All Filled Orders' button to batch across all your orders.

Cancel Order

Canceling an order is very easy. Hovering over an order highlights a dustbin icon.

Simply click on the dustbin to cancel that order (and sign in the Radix wallet).

As for claiming, you can cancel all your active unfilled orders via 'Cancel All Unfilled Orders'

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