Placing a Limit Order

Precise and efficient

Placing a limit order in the limit tab is straightforward:

  • Select the token and amount you wish to sell

  • Choose the token you wish to receive in return

  • Select the rate at which to leave your order (in the market convention)

You will see the amount of tokens to receive automatically update as you change the rate.


  • Left : selling 10,000 XRD for XUSDC at 0.05 XUSDC per XRD (receive 500 XUSDC)

  • Right : selling 400 XUSDC for XRD at 0.04 XUSDC per XRD (receive 10,000 XRD)

An indicator also shows how far your order is from the middle of the market.

Click the 'Place Limit Order' button to get a final pop-up confirm box:

Once an order is confirmed and signed in the Radix wallet, you will see it appear in the Order List and Order Book.

Examples (from above)

  • My Orders : showing clearly both orders entered and their progress

  • Order Book : showing price and amount in the order book (solid circle highlight)

The next section details order management - tracking progress, claiming and canceling orders.

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