Move Stake and Instant Unstake

Perform validator actions now, not in 1 week

LSU Pool allows for instant validator actions that would normally take 1 week (since unstaking from a node takes 2016 * 5 minute epochs)

Move your stake between validators

With LSU Pool you can move stake between validators easily! Simply swap your LSUs for different LSUs that are already in the pool. The amount you can swap is limited by the liquidity of the new token in the pool.

From the Validator page

Hover over your staked validators (at the top of the list) and select 'Move'.

You'll get a pop-up which allows you to directly switch to another eligible validator

Move calculations

In the graphic above we see:

  • 1000 CaviarNine-India LSUs swapped for

  • 999.33688746 RadixPool LSUs.

Each LSU has its own price in XRD. At the time of writing (shortly post Babylon) the LSU prices in XRD are, respectively, 1.00388 and 1.00384.

Calculating the XRD equivalents we get:

  • 1003.88 XRD of CaviarNine-India LSUs swapped for

  • 1003.17 XRD of RadixPool LSUs.

The difference in value being the 0.07% fee as outlined below.


Moving stake costs 0.07% which is broken down as follows:

  • 0.05% switching fee which goes to the LSU Pool itself

  • 0.01% protocol fee which goes to the FLOOP Treasury

  • 0.01% reserve fee which accumulates and can be used in the future to remove bad LSUs from the pool^

^ 'bad' LSUs here could mean those with raised fees or frequent missed proposals that could otherwise drag the performance of the pool.

Instant Unstake

A more in-depth look at Instant Unstake can be found here

Instant Unstake does what it suggests - switch your LSUs instantly for XRD.

It does this by:

  • Adding your LSUs to the LSU Pool

  • Swapping your credited LSULP tokens for XRD using the LSULP / XRD Shape Liquidity pool.

From the Validator page

Hover over your validator and select 'Unstake'

You now have the choice of:

  • unstaking normally (using the Radix protocol)

  • unstaking Instantly

Fees and Slippage considerations

If you unstake normally (using the Radix protocol) then:

  • There will be no charge other than the usual Radix unstake fee

  • You will receive your XRD stake back in 7 days

If you Instant Unstake then:

  • You will get your XRD back instantly

  • You will pay LSULP / XRD Shape Liquidity swap fees of 0.20% (currently)

  • You may suffer slippage due to the depth of the LSULP / XRD pool

The Instant Unstake popup will show you the likely XRD you will receive after fees and slippage (in this case 986.4 XRD for 1000 LSUs unstaked).

You can add a minimum guarantee XRD amount via your wallet to limit further slippage

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