CaviarNine Limited BVI

A company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands that owns the CaviarNine ecosystem, including the team wallets holding the ecosystem tokens FLOOP and CAVIAR. CaviarNine Limited BVI is the primary entity with which users are transacting and interacting when using CaviarNine.com and its associated services.

Caviar Labs

A Singapore registered software development house contracted by CaviarNine Limited BVI for the creation of the CaviarNine.com website, the Aggregator, smart contract functionalities, associated liquidity provisioning tools, and various other web2 and web3 applications.

Caviar Team

A group of individuals in charge of the development of the CaviarNine ecosystem, encompassing but not limited to Radix L1 decentralised applications, smart contracts, and the tokens FLOOP and CAVIAR.


Before using any services or applications on CaviarNine.com, including The Aggregator, smart contracts, and liquidity provisioning tools, you must carefully read and understand the following terms and conditions:

CaviarNine services and its associated features, including smart contracts, are provided "as is". While some smart contracts have undergone external audits, an audit does not guarantee that unforeseen issues won't arise in the future. By using CaviarNine products, you acknowledge and understand that the utilization of the website, software, smart contracts, and all associated services is wholly at your discretion and risk.

Any potential loss, damages, or liability arising from the use of CaviarNine products, including those related to smart contracts, is entirely the user's responsibility. Neither CaviarNine, Caviar Labs, nor the Caviar Team assumes liability for any such loss, damages, or liability, whether direct or consequential, arising from your engagement with CaviarNine.com.

CaviarNine, Caviar Labs, and the Caviar Team are not responsible for the actions or liabilities of third parties, including but not limited to Radix L1, any external DEXs, or associated smart contract interactions. Any losses or liabilities stemming from third-party actions or contract executions are the sole responsibility of the user.

The Caviar Team earnestly advises users to engage with CaviarNine.com using only assets they can afford to risk, and to exercise prudence and due diligence when navigating the website, associated software, and smart contracts.

CaviarNine, Caviar Labs, and the Caviar Team provide no guarantee regarding the accuracy, timeliness, suitability, or completeness of any information on this site and shall not be accountable for errors, delays, or inadequacies in this information or any consequences resulting from its display or use. Any links to third-party sites are purely informational; we neither control nor endorse such sites and bear no responsibility for the content's accuracy therein.

Any potential losses, including but not limited to the loss of tokens, data, or profits arising from CaviarNine.com, including smart contract engagements, lie squarely with the user.

Users should be aware that engaging with CaviarNine.com, including its smart contracts and associated financial services, may be subject to specific legal or regulatory constraints depending on their jurisdiction. In particular, residents or citizens of the United States should exercise extra caution due to regulatory uncertainties.

It is the user's obligation to familiarise themselves with and strictly abide by all relevant local, state, national, and international laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to their specific use of CaviarNine.com. If you are uncertain about the legal status of any activity or transaction, we strongly advise consulting with legal counsel in your jurisdiction before using our platform.

By using CaviarNine.com, you consent to indemnify, defend, and exempt the CaviarNine team and its affiliates from any claims, damages, losses, or expenses (including attorney fees) resulting from your usage of the website, software, or smart contracts.

Your use of CaviarNine.com signifies your understanding and acceptance of this disclaimer and all its terms and conditions.

Be advised that these terms and conditions may undergo periodic revisions, with the updated version consistently available on CaviarNine.com. Users are tasked with reviewing the current terms regularly to remain updated on any alterations.

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