Explore the pool page specifics

Let's click into a specific pool - in this case XRD / xUSDC

There are 3 main panes that we will look at in turn:

  • Charting (top left) - shows various stats associated with this pool

  • Liquidity (top right) - allows you to view, add and remove liquidity

  • Trades (bottom left) - self explanatory really

Charting and Stats

Firstly, there is some info above the chart itself.

Here we see the following:

  • Pool name - as usual you can click on any token icon to see pop-up metadata

  • Pool fees (which can differ by pool). The fee for this pool is 0.30%

  • Pool component address (with copy icon)

  • Current Spot Price for this pool (the active liquidity)

  • Bin Size (which can differ by pool). This pool has bin size of 10 (so about 1% wide bins)

  • The 7 day historic volume (in your chosen currency)

  • The Active APY for this Pool

Now let's look at the charts themselves:

These charts detail:

  • Price - how the price of the pair has moved over the last 10 days

  • TVL - the evolution of the Total Value Locked of this pool (in your chosen currency)

  • Volume - the historic volume traded in this pool in 6 hr snapshots

  • APY - the timeseries of the Active APY for this pool

Finally, we have 1 final chart to look at:

Liquidity Chart

The liquidity chart shows you the total liquidity in this pool. As people add liquidity (using differening numbers of bins and shapes) then so this chart shows the aggregation of all of that liquidity. Current spot is highlighted with a vertical white line for reference.

Overlayed on the chart is your liquidity in green. Click the Scale button to plot it on a separate axis and zoom in for easy viewing.

In the following sections we will look at liquidity management and also how to create a new pool.

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